Update on Sallal Water Alert for Mt. Si Road

Updated Thursday, November 1, 3:00 PM

Sallal Water Association has had one of our water tanks vandalized.  The vandalized water tank only supplies water to the Riverpoint neighborhood and the area east of the Riverpoint neighborhood along Mt. Si Road to 480th (area shown on map). Approximately 82 Sallal customers are affected.

North Bend Area Map:

North Bend Map



Area affected:

Affected Area Riverpoint and Mt Si Rd


Public safety is our primary concern.  As a precaution, Sallal Water is testing and flushing the water from the vandalized tank and the affected water distribution system.  Initial results are expected by Friday afternoon.

For Sallal water users located within the area served by the tank, Do Not Drink the water until we have it tested.

Please purchase bottled water until further notice for:

  • Drinking
  • Making ice
  • Brushing teeth
  • Washing dishes and
  • Food preparation

No reports of abnormal odors, tastes, rash, or illness from water users have been reported.

Sallal water users located outside of the area served by the tank are not impacted by this “do not drink” advisory. There is no indication that any of the other tanks have been vandalized or otherwise compromised.  All other tanks have been inspected.

We are working closely with these authorities to address this issue.  Regular updates will be posted on the www.sallal.com website.