King County Ordinance 2016-0521

In order to raise additional revenues for its general fund, the King County Council recently passed Ordinance 2016-0521. This ordinance provides, among other things, for the establishment of rent for the use of County right-of-way by public utilities. The ordinance does not apply to areas within the City of North Bend. The County intends to use the land value of County right-of-way used by each utility to establish an annual rental amount. The County has estimated the amount of revenue it expects to generate from public utilities in 2018 as follows (from King County staff report):

King County Franchise Tax Table Customers Revenue

For Sallal, the rental fee would be a new unbudgeted cost of operation that would be passed on to our members.  Sallal is working with legal counsel and other associations and water/sewer districts to question the propriety of the proposed rental fee. The County has not yet issued bills for the rental fees so our efforts are in the exploratory stage.