Media Release November 2, 2018


Date: Friday, November 2, 9 AM
Contact: Denny Scott, 425-888-3650


WHAT HAPPENED?  On Wednesday, October 31, a resident reported a suspicious person leaving the area of one of the Sallal Water Association’s (state water system ID # 75560Q)  water tanks. Upon inspection, personnel found cables cut, an air vent cover removed, and level indicators tampered with. 82 homes were affected in the Riverpoint neighborhood on Mt. Si Road and East to 480th Ave SE.  Other areas in Sallal’s service territory were NOT affected, including Wilderness Rim, Cedar Falls Road, Uplands, Wood River, Tannerwood, Cottages at North Bend, Alpine Estates, Cedar Village, and La Forest Holme.


Calls were made to the King County Sheriff’s Office and WA State Department of Public Health to report the vandalism and concerns over potential water contamination.   Sallal took water samples on Wednesday, October 31 as directed by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), and on Thursday, November 1 Sallal received test results from a water sample that showed no detections of a range of harmful substances.  Sallal took follow up samples on Thursday, November 1 as required by the Washington Department of Health, and are awaiting those test results which should be delivered by Friday, November 2.


WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?  DO NOT DRINK THE WATER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation until further notice.  It is acceptable to use water for bathing, showering, and washing clothing.


WHAT IS THE ASSOCIATION DOING TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM?  Notifications were made in the form of residential door hangers, website posts, social media posts, and a Reverse 9-1-1 call Wednesday, October 31.  Sallal has flushed the water system and is taking more water samples from the affected area Friday, November 2.  Sallal will be adding chlorine to the system as directed by the DOH.  Sallal will inform you when tests are clear, and the water is safe to drink. Sallal anticipate resolving the problem Monday, November 5.


Bottled water donated from the Snoqualmie Tribe is available at the Sallal office, or Sallal can deliver upon request.


Public safety is our primary concern. As a precaution, Sallal Water Association is testing and flushing water from the vandalized tank and potentially affected water distribution system.  All other Sallal water tanks have been inspected. There is no indication that they have been vandalized or otherwise compromised.  North Bend and Snoqualmie city water systems have been checked and do not appear to be tampered with.


We are working closely with local authorities to address this issue. Regular updates will be posted at, our Facebook page (@sallalwater), and communicated directly to impacted customers via email.


Public inquiries may be directed to or 425-888-3650.