Updated Monday, September 23, 3:00 PM

The BOIL WATER ADVISORY is still in effect for the entire Sallal Water Association.  There will be an Emergency Meeting regarding the Water Incident Update and Chlorination Process for members Wednesday, September 25 from 7 to 8:30 pm at the Snoqualmie Casino Ballroom.  Please send questions that you would like answered to by noon Wednesday.  We will have handouts on the facts available at the meeting and there will be a question and answer period.  We do not have the means to record the meeting, but we will share a written summary of the meeting the following day that will be posted on the Sallal website.

This weekend, Sallal’s water system operators added chlorine throughout the entire water distribution system.  They are awaiting parts and equipment this week to automate the process.  Sampling will continue throughout this event. 

Water Samples at Sallal

Sallal members may receive one case or 2 ½ gallon jug of water (per day) from North Bend QFC or Safeway by letting the cashier know that you are affected by the Boil Water Advisory.  Sallal will pay the stores.  Water is no longer available at Sallal.  More information about reimbursement for water purchases with receipts or Sallal bill credits will be shared as soon as this information is available. 

The City of North Bend and Republic Services are providing a large recycle dumpster starting Monday, September 23rd at Torguson Park for Sallal customers to drop off and recycle their water bottles.  This recycling dumpster will be open to Sallal Water Association customers from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily until further notice. Torguson Park is located at 750 East North Bend Way. 

If anyone in your household becomes ill, please seek medical attention or see your family doctor.   The CDC and King County Public Health instructions are to boil your water for one minute and let it cool before consuming.  More information is available here:

After the boil water order is removed, we will be sharing information regarding how and when members will need to flush water in homes and businesses.  Also for those who use water filters, they will need to be changed after the house water systems has been flushed.  You may want to purchase filters soon to have them immediately available after flushing plumbing in your home.

We appreciate your help keeping members informed.  If you are a Sallal member and have not received an email update from Sallal, please send your email address to  If you do not have access to a computer, please call the office and ask that we add your number to our emergency call list and please register your number with ALERT King County ( 

Please continue to monitor for updates and any members are welcome to contact Sallal directly at which is being monitored frequently.   Thank you for your continued efforts during this incident.