Sallal Water Update and Flushing Instructions Wednesday, November 7

Updated Wednesday, November 7, 9 PM

Affected homes on the upper Mt. Si Road and Riverpoint neighborhood are still under a DO NOT DRINK order while testing continues this week. 

Now that the tank has been disinfected and refilled, Sallal’s operators and engineering consultants are asking all affected customers to perform the following steps at their homes to flush the sanitized chlorinated water throughout their own pipes:

  1. Flush water for one (1) hour using multiple taps simultaneously.  Water from the taps should be bath/shower warm so that the hot water is purged from the hot water tank. 
  2. If the water turns cold, and time permits, turn off the taps, wait for the water to heat back up and repeat.  
  3. If a house is supplied hot water with a tankless hot water heater only, flush for 15 minutes.  All the taps used for drinking and bathing should be used for flushing.  There is no need to use hose spigots.

Affected customers may continue to use their water for showering, washing clothes, and washing dishes if using a hot cycle.  Please make sure the dishes are dry before using.   

Bottled water from the Snoqualmie Tribe is available for affected customers at the Sallal office.  A huge thank you to the Tribe for their assistance and generosity during this situation.

Sallal’s board of trustees met Tuesday, November 6, and discussed current security measures for the entire water distribution system.  Sallal’s operators confirmed that the vandalized tank was inspected physically in October 2018 prior to the incident, and there was no evidence of tampering at that time. 

We apologize for the continued inconvenience of not being able to drink your water and appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult situation.  Please continue to monitor for updates and any members are welcome to contact Sallal directly at which is being monitored frequently.   Thank you for your continued efforts during this incident.