Tank Update Tuesday, November 6

Sallal’s water operators have been working since early this morning to drain, disinfect, and refill the vandalized tank.  The Riverpoint and upper Mt. Si Road customers are still under a DO NOT DRINK order while testing continues this week.

On November 5, Sallal discovered evidence of debris at the bottom of the storage reservoir.  Test results from Sunday’s water samples were absent of bacteria.  Due to the debris, Sallal determined to inspect the tank after draining it completely.  The estimated time for restoration is now Saturday, November 10th.  This is dependent on the time for refilling and retesting the water after this round of chlorination.



Also today the King County Sheriff’s Office identified a 14-year old male that was believed to be involved with the trespass and vandalism.

Bottled water from the Snoqualmie Tribe is available for affected customers at the Sallal office.  A huge thank you to the Tribe for their assistance and generosity during this situation.


Affected customers may use their water for showering, washing clothes, and washing dishes if using a hot cycle and make sure the dishes are dry before using.

We apologize for the continued inconvenience of not being able to drink your water and appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult situation.  Please continue to monitor www.sallal.com for updates and any members are welcome to contact Sallal directly at info@sallal.com which is being monitored frequently.   Thank you for your continued efforts during this incident.