TEST RESULTS UPDATE November 4, 2018

Date: Sunday, November 4, 1:30 PM
Contact: Denny Scott, 425-888-3650


Affected customers in the Riverpoint/Mt. Si Road neighborhood are still under a DO NOT DRINK order.

Test results received from the water testing laboratory on Saturday, November 3 indicated a presence of coliform bacteria in Sallal’s water supply to the Riverpoint/Mt. Si neighborhood.  In response to the discovery of the white pellets found near the tank site on October 31, Sallal sampled approximately fifty (50) hazardous chemicals.  Test results showed no contamination from those harmful substances.  Sallal performed extensive flushing Thursday and Friday, November 1-2. On November 2-3, under the direction of the Department of Health, Sallal chlorinated the tank.  Additional water samples were taken Saturday and Sunday, and results should be back Monday and Tuesday.

As an additional note, Sallal complies with the Department of Health regulations regarding routinely sampling its water distribution system per the Association’s Coliform Monitoring Plan.

There have been security enhancement measures taken at the tank site.  Sallal’s Water System Operators made the majority of repairs on the damaged parts Saturday.  Sallal is working to get customers back to safe drinking water as soon as possible.

There is a possibility that the bacteria discovered in the water might have been related to the vandalism incident on October 30th, but this has not been confirmed.  Department of Health officials believe that the vandalism potentially may have contributed to the bacteria in the water.

Inquiries regarding the investigation of the incident should be directed to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Bottled water donated from the Snoqualmie Tribe is available at the Sallal office, or Sallal can deliver water upon request.

Sallal will inform affected members when tests are clear and when the water is safe to drink. Sallal anticipates resolving the problem as soon as Sallal receives communication from the Department of Health that the order can be lifted.

The Sallal staff wants to sincerely thank the membership for their patience and understanding during this difficult event!

We are working closely with local authorities to address this issue. Regular updates are being posted at www.sallal.com, our Facebook page (@sallalwater), and communicated directly to impacted customers via email and phone calls.

Public inquiries may be directed to info@sallal.com or 425-888-3650.