Update on Water Alert Monday, November 5 2018

The DO NOT DRINK order is still in effect for the Riverpoint neighborhood and Mt. Si Road affected homes.

Sallal discovered evidence on Monday, November 5 that the tank was contaminated with leaves, branches and debris, which was contributing to the Total Coliform in the water samples.  Sallal will remove these objects followed by draining, sanitizing, and refilling the tank.  The tank is isolated from the rest of the water distribution system.  Sallal is evaluating options and working with the Department of Health to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

None of the test samples have shown fecal coliform bacteria or E. coli (all absent from the water system).  Only total coliform bacteria were detected during the testing process.  Total coliform is naturally occurring in the environment.

The DO NOT DRINK order cannot be lifted until this situation is remedied.  The earliest that Sallal operators believe that we can lift the order is Friday, November 9.  This is due to the process of sanitizing and refilling the tank and retesting the water.

Bottled water is available for affected customers at the Sallal office.  You may use your water for showering, washing clothes, and washing dishes if you use a hot cycle and make sure the dishes are dry before using.   We advise all affected customers to drain and flush their hot water tanks as an additional precaution.

Bottled Water

We apologize for the continued inconvenience of not being able to drink your water and appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult situation.  Please continue to monitor www.sallal.com for updates and any members are welcome to contact Sallal directly at info@sallal.com which is being monitored frequently.   Thank you for your continued efforts during this incident.