The Sallal Board of Trustees invites all association members to review the 2020 Draft Water System Plan (see links below) for the Sallal Water Association.  The board has worked closely with Sallal’s consulting engineers, Gray & Osborne, Inc., to develop this document that outlines the association’s long-term policies for the water system.  During its April 21, 2020 monthly meeting, the board approved the draft plan for submission to state and local agencies responsible for reviewing and approving or certifying water system plans.  Since then, the plan has been approve by the County and the Department of Health. The September 2020 version is linked below.

Washington state law requires the development of Water System Plans by Group A water systems (public water systems with 15 or more service connections) to provide a foundation for the safe, successful, and sustainable operation of the water system.  Principal goals of water system planning include identifying future needs and applying available resources most efficiently in order to provide high quality service at the lowest cost while protecting the health of the community. Although the Department of Health approves plans for an effective period of ten years, regulations require plans to evaluate water system supply and demand forecasts for a 20-year planning period.  Sallal’s draft plan covers a planning period that runs through 2040.

The water system plan outlines long-term general planning strategies for Sallal.  It examines policies and identifies alternatives for providing water to its current and future members in an efficient and cost effective manner.  While state law requires the water system plan to maintain consistency with comprehensive land use planning goals established under the Growth Management Act, the Sallal Water Association does not have authority to make land use decisions.  The plan must rely on and remain consistent with land use decisions made by King County and the City of North Bend. 

For the presentation given May 5, 2020 click here.

Water System Plan September, 2020 Please note this is the entire document and will take some time to download due to the size of the document.