President                  Eric O’Brien
Joined board in 2002.  Mr. O’Brien is a Program Manager with the King County Office of Emergency Management.   Prior to this, Mr. O’Brien was a civil engineer for 30 years and built many significant roadway and sewer projects in the Puget Sound area and across the United States.

Vice President         Daylin Baker
Joined board in 2018.  Mrs. Baker recently retired from a career as a Supervisor/Inspector for the Department of Ecology. Her experience includes hazardous waste compliance, environmental education outreach, and business administration.  She holds a MS degree in Environmental Management.

Secretary              Harold Ellebracht
Joined board in 2015.  Mr. Ellebracht is the Executive Director of Facilities for the Snoqualmie Casino.  He has been involved in the operation of both wastewater and potable water systems in support of either casino properties and/or tribal reservations.  He also holds an unlimited Master Merchant Marine license and has been responsible for the construction of numerous passenger vessels and land based projects.

Trustee     Sheldon Lynne
Joined board in 2002.
  Mr. Lynne is Director of Public Works for the City of Issaquah and is responsible for engineering and construction aspects of water utility infrastructure in addition to sanitary sewer, storm water and transportation issues.

Treasurer             Gerry Prior
Joined board in 1984.  Mr. Prior is a Land Use Planning Consultant with expertise in comprehensive planning, land development and environmental permitting.

Trustee                 Ann Reed
Joined board in 2019. Ms. Reed is a retired public employee, having served 38 years in the Washington State Public Schools system.  Her education includes a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of Puget Sound, a Masters Degree in School Information Services (library, media, online resources) from Portland State University, and a second Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Washington.

Trustee               Larry Costello
Joined the board in 2019.  
Mr. Costello is an independent consultant providing technical and project management services to customers in the energy, manufacturing, and transportation markets.  He is a licensed professional engineer with 36 years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of large industrial facilities and utility infrastructure projects.