Notice of Emergency Interim Moratorium on New Water Connections and Public Meeting

Here are links to important information for Sallal Members:
Water Heater Brochure
Fire Sprinkler Systems Brochure
Contamination Brochure

Click HERE for Sallal’s Press Release regarding City of North Bend Water Ordinance
Questions  or concerns regarding the North Bend proposed summer water restrictions and penalities or “Water Conservation Code” should be directed to the North Bend City staff with this email address:  For more information see the June 2020 Newsletter.

Thanks to members for supporting Sallal’s application for the USDA-RD loan by a significant majority.  Additional information on the terms and conditions of the loan can be found here. To review the form that must be submitted to the USDA-RD click here.  Again, thank you, Members, for supporting this loan!

The new King County Utility Rent will cause increases in Sallal and Tanner Electric bills. For more information see the article under Billing or click on this link.