This page has links for contractors, homeowners, and business owners concerning the construction or updating of water systems that will be or are connected to the Sallal Water System.

Developers Extension Agreement

Water System Design and Construction Standards

Developers Agreement – At a Glance

The Association’s water main extension policy is described in Rule 16.  When water system facilities are required to be extended, the Association has a standard form developer extension agreement that governs the process. The agreement may be modified as situations warrant but the basic content requires a developer to design the water system extension pursuant to Association standards and then utilize its own contractor to build the extension at its sole cost. If the extension passes inspection and the work is accepted, it is conveyed to the Association by bill of sale at no cost and, in exchange, the Association agrees to provide water service to the developer’s identified parcels.  However, when the extension is completed along with the streets and other utilities, the developer’s site is usually just bare dirt.  Construction of homes and other structures on the subdivided parcels within the developer’s site comes next although sometimes, it takes years for that to occur.  When building construction commences on a particular parcel within the development site,  the Association will install a meter for the specific structures to receive service.  At that time, a meter installation fee and membership fee is collected from the parcel owner and water service commences pursuant to the Association’s standard rates and rules.   The foregoing is a summary and does not supplant the terms and conditions of a mutually approved developer extension agreement and the Association’s rates, rules and policies, all of which are subject to modification.